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Pirate for PM

Bringing Mandy back was a coup that set back the media in total surprise. I am not sure this is a good move in the long term, but given Gordon's position is there actually a long term at stake anyway?

It was interesting seeing the PoD (Prince of Darkness) on a Sunday politics show, after the Tory PR machine was briefing that he'd been "dripping poison" about Brown into George Osborne's ear over lunch.

When challenged on this there was a brief pause and a half smile from Mandy (which had a shake of the head, Children, children / dealing with amateurs vibe to it) and a declaration that "we'd talked as much about his colleagues as mine".

However I think there is one PR move that Gordon Brown has in his locker, particularly in these times of economic crisis:

Start wearing an eye-patch, a big black eye-patch.

A mean mother of an eye-patch.

Maybe leather or carbon fibre.

Or leather AND carbon fibre.

{this is assuming the defence budget cannot stretch to a cool bionic eye}

I'm thinking Snake Plissken, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas in The Vikings, Jack Palance in Hawk the Slayer, lots of movie pirates, Dangermouse...

These guys got things done.

It would allow Brown to turn a perceived weakness in our image obsessed age i.e. the fact that he has a glass eye into a source of strength.

It would add to his impact at the next G8, UN, or EU meeting.
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In response to [livejournal.com profile] n3dst4 here are some of my ships...

and all i can say is: at least i didn't go so far as to use a blue and ripply surface on which to show them off...


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