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I found this via [livejournal.com profile] zornhau (from [livejournal.com profile] autopope’s friendslist).

This looks extremely cool.

To quote from Zornhau, though it looks like he is quoting from elsewhere…

“The offical website for an upcoming feature film based on the popular French TV series about the adventures of the "Tiger Brigadiers", a special police squad in 1907. Of the three principal characters, one is a savate expert and another is a master of la canne de combat, and is shown posing and fighting with the Vigny walking stick. The movie also features a boxe Francaise contest, a scene set in a salle d'armes where people are training in both savate and stick fighting, and a number of fight scenes.

Hopefully it will eventually be available with English subtitles ...”

From the website, the crux of the story is:

1907. Une vague de crimes sans précédent ensanglante la Belle Époque. Face aux bandits d'un nouveau siècle, le Ministre de l'Intérieur Georges Clemenceau crée une force de police à leur mesure : les Brigades Mobiles.

1912. La France entière les connaît sous un autre nom: LES BRIGADES DU TIGRE.
La série s'inspirait des Brigades Mobiles créées par Georges Clemenceau au début du XXe siècle.

So given my relatively poor french, I read this as:

“1907. An unprecedented crime wave is bloodying the Belle Epoque. Faced with criminals of a new age, the minister of the Interior Georges Clemenceau creates a force within the police to take their measure: the Mobile Brigades.

1912. The whole of France knows them by another name, the Tiger Brigades.

The series is inspired by the Mobile Brigades created by Georges Clemenceau at the beginning of the twentieth century”

It looks like they are a special branch fighting the home-grown and Russian anarchist threat.

Check out the photos, most of the material looks excellent for a Cthulhu style game.

i have included two piccies which could be straight from a twenties-cthulhu game...

and this one sums up the ending of a lot of them... some interdimensional crossrip i assume. ;)

must see if episodes of the tv series are laying around on teh internets!


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