Jan. 22nd, 2006 11:42 am
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with my new all-in-one scanner printer thingy.

I scanned an obituary from the Indy of diplomat turned maze designer Randoll Coate, and one of his maze maps should appear as the icon next to this post.

For the record it is 'Creation' : design by Coate for a hedge maze at Varmlands Saby, Sweden 1979.
"This hedge maze contains multiple layers of symbolic imagery and meaning. Coloured one way the design portrays the Garden of Eden with Adam, Eve, Tree, Apple and Serpent; another way, it tells the Minoan Myth complete with the head of the Minotaur. Its egg-shaped outline follows the same geometric principles as ancient Celtic stone circles."

But as it was tabloid newspaper it wouldn't scan in one go. so i had to do it in two pieces and thought i'd kludge them together. But after rotating the images (so that the ends to be merged were next to each other) and running the two parts through the Panorama stitching function of the HP software i ended up with a whole and legible version of the original document. As Eric might say, 'you can't the join!' Very impressed that it worked so well. I have a feeling i'll be digging out some of my Japan photos and trying the same function.

Quote from Mr Coate himself , about as close, it appears, to being a geomancer in the western tradition as you can get,

"Do not allow the cost of the maze to cloud your enjoyment of a creation which will bring pleasure to young and old for generations to come.You will have given our world of harsh reality and mindless speed a timeless oasis, a leisurely paradise, the substance of a dream."

From the Independent Obituary of Randoll Coate 1909 - 2005, diplomat and maze designer, by Adrian Fisher, published Saturday 14th January 2006 (and now behind their annoying paywall, otherwise I may have just cut and pasted this bit instead of having to type it out!)


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