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Were we living inside one of Jasper's books I could go to the shelf, pull out one of his works 'Lost in a Good Book'* say, open it to the author's biography section, and appear at the book signing and talk he is giving at this precise moment at Foyles Bookshop on the Charing Cross Road.

That's the talk that Neil [livejournal.com profile] n3dst4 got the tickets for ages ago, and the one I COMPLETELY forgot about.

So completely did I forget that when i received three texts in one go from Neil having surfaced at Baron's Court (Neil having tried to contact me whilst I was underground) I thought that he was texting the wrong person and was about to send a jokey text back saying 'have you got the right number?' and only then did I remember!

It disappeared so far off my radar I think that I could have passed a lie detector test up until that point. 'Are you doing anything other than going straight home tonight after work?' No!

D'oh, how's that for prize stupidity? More forgetful than an entire school of not very bright goldfish. Three second memor....what?

There is no defence. However, last week and from absolutely nowhere i emailed Neil to ask if he had managed to get the tickets. In a bizarrely synchronous manner, (spooky!) my email query preceded the email from Foyles confirming our places at the talk by around THREE minutes.

I wonder if remembering last week used up, in some weird way, all of my spare remembering capacity related to that event? Meaning that I could quite easily sit through the day at work and go home just like normal without realising.

I'm still an eejit though!

Note to self, why not actually look at diary from time to time?

*though not the Eyre affair as that is out on loan, which reminds me that I must get it back!


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