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yep sounds like a painful disorder but is in fact the Davy's Wine Lodge at Covent Garden.

a couple of changes were made to the plans previously advised.

1) couldn't get the cigars we had had previously but instead got a 5 pack of H. Upmann Coronas Junior, a nice 'beginners' smoke apparently, and they were indeed very smooth and 'proper' Cubans. The music tag on this post relates a band comprised of young Cuban musicians called Asere who we saw at the mini-Womad at the Eden Project in 2004

2) we also started in the Porterhouse which on a friday night is a more than a bit of a bunfight. It was one-in one-out on the door by 6pm! Only worth contemplating because George's work do had been in there since 3pm and they had snagged a table.

We ended up piling out of there at about 9 and went via the West Cornwall Pasty shop to the Pipe and had a pint of port.(not each...this isn't Dickensian London!)

We chatted lots, made easier now that we could actually hear ourselves think. (note to landlords: background music serves no purpose when your bar is rammed, please don't keep turning it up. all it does is make people shout even louder). I don't give a stuff if that last comment makes me sound old!

And the christmas present exchange was duly completed. The Harlequins Ladies Calendar was well received. Which was nice...

If i can work out how to put a picture in, a picture of Chris and i will appear here:

Will and Chris at the Crusting Pipe 16th December 2005

Will and Chris at the Crusting Pipe 16th December 2005

I can safely conclude with the fact that no one fell into the Christmas tree this time.


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